The K Storage System

The K Storage System

Designed for NVIDIA® GPU-Direct® Storage (GDS) Support

The K

Designed for NVIDIA® GPU-Direct® Storage (GDS) Support

The storage that redesigns the future.

The K stands out for its modernized architecture, built for flash and optimized for NVMe and cloud to accelerate today’s data centers and power breakthrough innovation. The K permits to achieve performance that you will never imagine, faster and faster than any other product in the market today.

Push the limits of what’s possible.

The architecture

Built for NVMe flash and cloud-native, The K is designed to enable organizations to maximize the full value of their high-powered IT investments - compute, networking and storage.With one global namespace for your entire shared data lake, you can easily access and manage trillions of files from one directory.

The Key system is optimized to leverage the speed and low latency of NVMe technology and supports both small and large file access either randomly or sequentially at the lowest latency. With the complete redesign of the disk access stack it performs faster than local file system in any server.


    • Achieve lowest possible latency and highest performance
    • Enjoy shared access from any application to a single data namespace
    • Supports Linux, Windows and native POSIX access to data
    • Uses distributed data protection and instant backup to S3 cloud for rapid recovery
    • ​​​​​​​Keeps your data completely safe with integrated encryption, key management and access control

Simply unique!

Performance scales linearly as more nodes are added to the storage cluster

The system is capable of reaching more 10s of millions of IOPS

It can reach >2.5TB/sec of bandwidth at less than 300-microsecond latency

It scales independently on two dimensions capacity and performance

Designed to scale to hundreds of petabytes, thousands of compute instances, and billions of files

Production deployments with hundreds of nodes and tens of petabytes of storage under management


We help to solve the most challenging computing, analytics, virtualization and data driven problems. Our ground-breaking approach to supercomputing can paving the next generation revolution.


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