Telecommunication companies can no longer afford to not make use of their big data.

Big Data promises to promote growth and increase efficiency and profitability across the entire telecom value chain.

Big Data analytics brings in considerable value to decision making and provide more accurate and actionable insights which eventually help to build competitive advantages and a more efficient cost structure. In comparison to traditional data warehousing technologies, Big Data offers dvantages and opportunities for telecom operators:

  • Prepare your networks for future demands: Big Data helps businesses take advantage of the available information within their networks in order to make them robust, optimized, and scalable. It can help optimize routing and quality of service by analyzing network traffic in real time. Reviewing a network from a smartphone perspective helps reveal areas that require improvement. Examination of user behavior can also play an important role in understanding how to better deliver media content, and thus directly impacting customer experience.
  • Understand customer experience: Big Data, with its capabilities, makes it easier to understand your customers in detail right from network data and social media information, which further helps establish customer-centric KPIs which enables to understand user experience.
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