We power up our facilities with clean, green and alternative source of energy.

A3Cube Innovation Park

We are the the first eco-friendly supercomputer manufacturer

A3Cube contributes with the environment safety in all its activities, while offering High Performance Technology Systems.

Our European Headquarter, located in the stunning Ticino Park in the North-West of Italy, use 100% renewable energy produced by the "Guido Orlandi" hydroelectric power plant, an historic building set in 1903 that over the years has been renovated while preserving its invaluable artistic heritage.

Renewable Energy
Plastic free

​​​​​​​This makes A3Cube the first supercomputer manufacturer to power its systems in an environmentally sustainable way.

And this is just the beginning of how we’re reducing our greenhouse gas and emissions that contribute to climate change.

But what sustainability means to A3Cube?

We are an environmentally friendly company and it is very important for us to consider all the ecological parameters in the development of our technology.

The goal of our sustainable business strategy is to support the protection, conservation and improvement of the environment and the growth of a green sensibility.

This is why it's so important for us to adopt solutions and strategies that focus on the use of renewable energy and the reduction of waste. We think that the energy efficiency of a company also passes through its employees. Improve sensitivity of our team towards issues related to sustainability and energy saving will be surely a winning strategy, for our company and for the Earth, our home.

We believe that it couldn't be technology growth without environmental protection.

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