Smart Meters Data Analysis

Proliferation of Smart Meters require powerful tools

A utility smart meter records consumption of electric energy and communicates the information to the electricity supplier for billing. There are over 135 million utility smart meters in the US alone, each generating up to 400 megabytes per year, for a total of 54 petabytes of new utility data annually. Utility network analysts and power utility companies combine this big data with billions more rows of additional IoT and smart sensor data, but their utility data analysis platforms are not fast enough at scale.

DB-Turbo Version 5.0 gives utility companies the power to visualize and interact with this tremendous smart meter data volume at extreme speed and scale so they can monitor utility asset performance in real-time, track customer usage, predict demand, and drill deep for unparalleled smart meter analysis aimed at meeting demand, reducing fraud and leakage, and ensuring utility assets operate at peak efficiency. This enables utility companies to make real-time decisions aimed at maximizing uptime, minimizing costs, and keeping customers satisfied.

The Utilities industry now collects a wealth of data from smart sensors, smart meters, and IoT technologies throughout the grid. Only DB-Turbo Version 5 provides the acceleration capable of leveraging this smart meter data at scale. With DB-Turbo Version 5, analysts and data scientists can run smart meter cost benefit analysis to truly understand the benefits of smart meters to utilities companies. Find out what else DB-Turbo Version 5 does for the Utilities Industry.

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