Empowering with Artificial Intelligence


Empowering with Artificial Intelligence

Redefine the Security

Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques, the A3Cube solution learns and filters out routine motion, showing anomalous or unusual behavior allowing operators to focus on events and tracking what matters and respond in real-time to both precursor activities and incidents. A3Cube applies machine learning to concrete problems in video security, in combination with the astonish power of its supercomputers, enabling today the next level of real time augmented security in any scenario.


A3Cube has developed a solution to provide the service with AI Surveillance software.

The AI-Assisted Video Analytics software is designed to monitor a place and to protect the property by permitting to analyze in real time events and features.

The continuous and autonomous monitoring enables what we can define the next generation of video based security that spans from thermal body automated analysis (COVID 19 prevention) to social distance monitoring, to fire prevention and people behavior tracking and tracing. The system is able to notify from body thermal anomalies to the criminal activities. The set of Algorithms developed are able to monitor peoples, positions, angles, motions, temperature, which helps cameras to capture movements violating the custom setting in the program and sends alerts to users with relative video.

Visual inspection and quality assurance​ based on AI

Artificial Intelligence is emerging as a powerful way to make the right decisions across the multiple dynamics and data driven visual inspection. A3Cube AI and ML power cognitive automation has the capacity to deliver game-changing improvements in materials visual inspection far beyond what can be accomplished through traditional tools and human decision-making.

A3Cube introduces a revolutionary tool for industrial visual inspection and quality assurance​ based on AI: “Intelligent Visual Scanning Technology” ™ (iVST™)

This tool is able to check products or input raw materials which have an unstable look or shape. 

iVST™ represents a step forward in artificial visual inspection.

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