Quantitative modeling

Frustrating Speed Limits of Quantitative Modeling

Investment management firms rely on quantitative financial modeling to guide their decision-making and to outperform traditional techniques for predicting market movements. Quantitative analysts (quant analysts) in financial management, financial engineering, asset pricing, and corporate finance, make forecasts and predictions based on computer simulations and advanced algorithms. Yet the scale of their data and the complexity of their simulations surpasses the ability of their spreadsheets or CPU-based commercial platforms. This limits financial quantitative analysts ability to forecast and frustrates them with increased wait time for results.

With accelerated analytics through DB-Turbo Version 5, quants and data science analysts achieve forecasts and simulations faster than ever before. This gives them time to generate more financial models in less time, iterating on new elasticities and hypotheticals, and improving their investment analysis. And with DB-Turbo Version 5’s powerful financial modeling visualization platform, quants can rapidly click their their way to new insights with millisecond results on massive datasets. This helps investment management firms capture more opportunities, avoid more risks, and create compounding competitive advantage in forecast and predictive analytics.

DB-Turbo Version 5 combines both the speed to accelerate financial modeling with the rendering to visualize it which leads to better quantitative investment models and higher return on investment analysis. DB-Turbo Version 5 is already used by top investment management and hedge funds to accelerate top financial analytics tools, analyze alternative data sources, and make real-time business decisions on massive datasets. See what else DB-Turbo Version 5 does for the Investment Management Industry.

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