Our vision


Today’s challenges can only be met through a new system architecture. We design the future “elastic” computing for tomorrow.

Founded by Passion, driven by a Mission: leading the revolution of the new data era.


The opportunity

Data growth, digital transformation, converging High Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence workloads are giving rise to new, increasingly complex questions.

They’re transforming every industry and field of inquiry from large to small. Addressing these new realities facing our customers means completely rethinking computing.

Many Applications related to HPC, like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Data Analytics are just APPLIED MATHEMATICS (massively multivariable Linear algebra) to an extremely big amount of data!

There are thousand of good mathematicians and scientists that can write astonishing applications, creating new algorithms, discovering better ways to solve problems from cancer research, image recognition, image classification, to self driving machines (the mathematics and the knowledge are not the problem).

The limitation is in the computational power that they can have at their disposal.

We can overcome these limits.

Our mission

Our aim is to enable the Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), High Performance Data (HPD) and High Performance Computing (HPC) revolution.


  • By removing layers of inefficiency in the data path and amplifying the performance of hardware and network resources using a revolutionary architecture.
  • By consolidating server nodes delivering extraordinary performance for a fraction of the investment in datacenter infrastructure.
  • By delivering 10 to 100x higher performance and at a fraction of the costs.
  • By removing physical borders from the servers creating the real “elastic” computing system.

We want that Engineers, Scientists, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence experts

can be focused on making their job, exploiting the best of their potential, creating new product and unlashing the opportunities that the data revolution brings to the market.

Respect for your privacy is our priority

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