Oil and Gas Fleet Management

Oilfield Fleet Management for Oil and Gas is All About Safety

For oil & gas fleet managers, efficiency and regulatory compliance are key. Few other industries face as much scrutiny around health, safety, and environmental protection. With the advent of vehicle telematics data, oil and gas fleet managers and other energy industry professionals have an opportunity to both improve efficiencies and ensure compliance with rigorous regulatory standards. Now oilfield fleet managers can analyze and regulate fleet driving behavior, and foresee fleet maintenance needs from the frozen fields of Alaska to the scorching deserts of Texas. Yet the sheer volume of this oil and gas fleet telematics data overwhelms traditional analytics tools. There’s simply too much data for oil and gas fleet managers to run advanced queries, or to visualize trends and flag anomalies.

DB-Turbo Version 5 is the accelerated SQL database that enables oil & gas fleet managers to visualize fleet safety and movement, and to ensure regulatory compliance. With DB-Turbo Version 5’s intuitive platform on premise or in the cloud, oilfield fleet management analysts, and data scientists, have an unparalleled view into their fleet. With the click of the mouse they can run advanced SQL queries on the entirety of their SQL databases and visualize the results, all with millisecond results. Cross-filter by both geography and time to see detailed trends about specific regions or over exact time frames. Rapidly zoom from a million data points down to a single event, and back. All in milliseconds. DB-Turbo Version 5 is a seamless, interactive experience ideal for oil & gas exploration operations, resource movement, and oil and gas fleet tracking for real-time decision-making.

Whether you’re tracking fleets of utility vehicles, public transit, ships, or the movement of oil, gas, or other minerals, the DB-Turbo Version 5 platform monitors millions, and billions, of vehicle telematics data points allowing seamless visualization of the entire fleet, or down to single, granular data point. DB-Turbo Version 5’s accelerated analytics platform takes fleet management in oil and gas industry to new depths with an unprecedented level of data discovery and business intelligence.

Find out what else DB-Turbo Version 5 does in the Oil & Gas Industry.

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