Why building unconventional supercomputers today?

We explain why we decided to build our supercomputers

Why building unconventional supercomputers today is the best thing to do?

The reason is simple but not yet understood by many people. AI is everywhere and not only in vocal assistant or self-driving machines or image classifiers for web apps, face recognition, advanced image filters, and so on.

AI is becoming a disruptive innovation in many aspects of science, medicine, industry. All these aspects will affect in a certain way our life shortly.

To unleash the full potential of AI, we need computational power, but not just computational power, and we need a lot of computational power in the right way!

Traditional shared-nothing supercomputers are not "really" so good for AI problem solving; AI requires vector processing and global shared memory to avoid creating complex problem partitioning that cannot be solved efficiently in many cases.

This is the reason why A3Cube engineers create GRIFO™.

GRIFO™ is a supercomputer based on AI vector processing, with the incredible computing power of more than 50 Peta-operations per second (thousand times more powerful than a traditional workstation!) in a single system.

GRIFO™ is equipped with an unmatchable storage IO performance, optimized for data-in data out that makes any traditional cluster system or conventional supercomputer into the rear mirror.

Imagine the power of 600.000 vector cores (yes, six hundred vector cores!) combined with AI specialized processors managed by a single operating system. Imagine a scenario easy to use as your laptop. The standard applications can run unmodified and commercial software like Mathlab, Simulink, and any other will achieve a tremendous performance boost.

Now, imagine having a computer that can be partitioned to be used by 100s of users dynamically, realizing what today is impossible to do with any existing system in the world, either cloud supercenters or any other current supercomputers, even the most recent.

Imagine that you can use GRIFO™ as a cloud machine for your developer. Imagine that you can also use GRIFO™ with visualization software and augmented reality applications delivering real time fluidity to any workload, even the most complex you can imagine.

Here is why, when people ask me why A3Cube is creating a non-conventional supercomputing system, I answer: " because we want to enable the future faster than any other company can do."

We want scientists, AI creators, and creative people to focus on their expertise and forget all the related computational problems.

A3Cube is the first to use its supercomputer to develop disruptive applications for the industry that, with the traditional systems, are impossible to realize or even imagine.

We are building an intelligent AI material inspection system that works like human vision but 1000s times faster.

We are creating a new set of AI-based vision machine libraries.

We are building the next generation of AI battery controllers and managing systems for future, more powerful, autonomous vehicles.

We are developing hundreds of patents thank the helping of our supercomputers.

This is why we decide to build our supercomputers, this is how we can solve problems that others still consider impossible.

Welcome to the world
GRIFO™ Vector Machine!

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