The K: the fastest storage system in the world

SPEED is the KEY-success factor. No speed, no success. A direct path between storage and GPU Memory: make your GPU application running at the speed of light!

The K is a revolutionary storage system that delivers lightning fast performance and endless scalability, shattering all barriers that hold back breakthrough innovations. With an integrated cloud tiering system and simple, intuitive management.

The K is as easy to use as it is powerful. It is  the real data-storage for real-data application built for the most extreme demands at full speed. No other complete solution in the world can do that with the same level of performance.

For modern challenges, companies need speed.

SPEED is the KEY-success factor. No SPEED, No success… No matter how you advertise…TODAY if your AI or BIG data strategy is slow, your company will loose everything…That is the reality!



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