Learning about Business

A workshop about how to run a business. The founders of A3Cube will talk about entrepreneurship.

How to do a business: from the idea to success

The goal is to provide a concrete and meaningful vision of what is the path that leads to develop one's own business model starting from a business idea. The course aims to provide participants with the basic notions for a correct evaluation of a business project, thus allowing them to acquire technical and operational skills to manage a business.

A workshop held by the founders of A3Cube: Antonella Rubicco & Emilio Billi




Antonella Rubicco

Antonella Rubicco has been at the forefront of high-performance computing for more than 15 years and has led several companies to international prominence with her experience and knowledge about the markets, strategies, and trends driving the industry. Through both consultancy and in senior-level executive positions, she has successfully coordinated complex, multimillion projects, developed key partnerships, and forged business relationships with other companies, universities and research institutes for the HPC hardware and high-speed interconnection market.

As co-founder and CEO of A3Cube Inc., she is responsible for executing the company’s strategies. Thanks to the success in her activities she has been recognized by Dell as one of the CEOs that have already proven they know how to start and grow a business.

Antonella Rubicco has been included by Dell in the “Founder 50 Club”, that comprises the best people from today’s accelerators, VC firms, top startup organizations. Named as “The 10 Revolutionary Female CEO's to watchout for 2020” by CIO Views magazine in March 2020 and “The 10 Most Inspiring CEO 2020” by Analytics Insight magazine in December 2020.


Emilio Billi

With nearly two decades in the IT industry, Emilio Billi has proven knowledge of the high-performance computing and datacenter markets. He has developed and designed numerous server and supercomputing systems, including massively parallel virtualized clusters and hyper-scalable storage systems as well as other high-performance interconnection and networking systems. He holds eight patents in computer architecture design and related technologies.

As Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, he is responsible for the overall product development and technical direction of the company. Under his direction, A3Cube is revolutionizing the marketplace for high-performance data analysis and overcoming the challenges of scalable datacenter architecture and technologies. Prior to founding A3Cube, he ran his own engineering firm for a decade, where he developed the HiDRA personal supercomputer and software suite, the first practical and commercialized compact professional personal supercomputer. He is one of the architects of the latest specification of HyperTransport interconnect technology.

Named as “The 50 Top AI CEOs 2020” by Technology Innovators magazine in March 2020.

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