Emilio Billi invited to EY Digital Summit in Capri

EY Digital Summit is an annual meeting organized by Ernst & Young Italia, which offers the opportunity to explore the future together.

EY Digital Summit offers the opportunity to explore the future together with representatives of the business, financial and institutional world, while deepening the fundamental pillars companies will have to focus their strategic commitment on.

The 2019 edition, titled "Less Artificial, More Intelligent, Always Human", could demonstrate the undeniable importance of people in the context of innovation and digital transformation.

A top Artificial Intelligence expert, Emilio Billi, CTO A3Cube, was invited to participate in the panel "Digitization of decision-making processes and new frontiers of Artificial Intelligence" together with Alessandro Fragapane, Sales Director Italy, Automation Anywhere; Angelo Tenconi, Senior Customer Advisory South EMEA, SAS; Enrico Ugoletti, Head of IT Governance Architecture & Security, UBI Banca; Andrea Veltri, Deputy CEO, BNP Paribas.

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