A3Cube partnering "Le Notti di Cabiria a Casa Bossi"

A3Cube will sponsor the theatre festival conceived by Elena Ferrari.

The goal of A3Cube, in whatever field we wish to participate in, is to take an interest in those issues strictly related to man and his life on Earth. Having opened our first European headquarters in a hydroelectric plant, totally supported by ecological energy, leads us in that direction, to care for the health of the environment.

As far as nature is concerned, even culture and theatrical art are beauties that must be protected, cared for and supported.

The theatre is an art handed down for centuries, which gives emotions both to the public and to the actors themselves during their performances.

It's a unique opportunity for A3Cube being a sponsor of Elena Ferrari and "Cabiria Teatro" in the theatre festival "LE NOTTI DI CABIRIA A CASA BOSSI".

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