Emilio Billi named Top 50 AI CEOs

One more goal for our CTO. Eng. Emilio Billi has been named as "Top 50 Artificial Intelligence CEOs of 2020" by Technology Innovators magazine.

Technology Innovators magazine comes up with the most-awaited, 1st Annual Edition on Artificial Intelligence. As part of this issue, pleased to present the class "Top 50 Artificial Intelligence CEOs of 2020". These Top AI Leaders have enabled the technology to potentially solve some of the world's biggest challenges as well as enhance the quality of human life. 

Eng. Emilio Billi stands out for his extensive experience and influence in data, technology and strategy in multiple industries. He is a Leader in AI, engaging in more groundbreaking ways of thinking and redesigning solutions powered by AI capabilities to disrupt businesses globally.


The new data revolution has come and we want to lead this era. We want to be a step ahead, create and build solutions to help people to change the world.

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