Best Companies to Watch Out for in 2020

A3Cube has been featured among Exeleon’s list of The 100 Best Companies to Watch Out For in 2020.

What makes A3Cube an award-winning platform?

A3Cube's solution overcomes the current limitations thanks to unique well-designed and easy-to-scale systems that fifit any application needs. We can assure fastest data access, best resource balancing, best application performance and computing power.

All the new challenges related to AI pose a problem to be solved: we need to analyze the results of collecting data almost in a time frame close to real time. To get fastest results and best effiffifficiency, you need faster data (reducing data access latency) and faster math (reducing computation latency).

Our holistic approach is winning: we are earning trust and respect and becoming more and more distinguishes as a reference in the fifield of Machine Learning, Big Data and Artifificial Intelligence.

How do you plan to take A3Cube forward?

Our strategy for the next years is to grow as a Company as well as a Brand. We want to be a step ahead, create and build solutions to help people to change the world. In the coming years, I see myself guiding not only a leading  company, but a motivated team too. I believe in talent and I want to give brilliant people the chance to express themselves and give their personal contribution. The common habit in business is about exploiting people. I want to go against this view. I believe in sharing efforts and celebrating together even the smallest victories.

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