Antonella Rubicco named Top 10 Most Inspiring Business Leaders

Antonella Rubicco’s leadership reflects her attitude towards life. That's why she has been awarded Most Inspiring Business by Exeleon Magazine.

It is always believed that true leaders are the ones whose actions are louder than words. Exeleon looks into the story of one such inspiring individual: Antonella Rubicco.

She has been awarded as Top 10 Most Inspiring Business Leaders 2020 by Exeleon Magazine.

Clarity. Determination. Perseverance.

When it comes to leading a lot, Antonella follows a few simple, yet effective sets of principles. She opines, “An inspiring leader has a mission in mind and is able to attract people and engage them. He is completely focused on the aim and knows that the positive energy will affect others and influence them.”

This unwavering attitude helps in maintaining a clarity in goals. When the goals are established, she figures out ways to encourage her team and bring them on the same page so that their goals become common and striving forward becomes easier. Antonella Rubicco believes that going a step forward is always possible and it could lead to greater heights.

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