Antonella Rubicco named "The 10 Most Inspiring Women in Business 2021"

Proud to announce the new achievement for the "unconventional CEO" leading A3Cube

Proud to announce a new achievement!
Our CEO Antonella Rubicco has been awarded as "The 10 Most Inspiring Women in Business 2021" by Insights Success Media Tech LLC.

With an aim to leverage data in transforming every aspect of modern society, a team of visionaries came together to form A3Cube, one of the most innovative and promising companies in the business worldwide. One of the ingenious minds behind the inception of the company is an unconventional leader, Antonella Rubicco.


Antonella has been instrumental in taking A3Cube to international prominence with her experience and knowledge about the markets, strategies, and trends driving the industry. She is serving as the CEO of the company. Since its inception, she has been in charge of every aspect of the business, while supporting Engineer Emilio Billi (co-founder and CTO) in giving shape to his groundbreaking ideas.

“We give to our customers the capabilities to generate the maximum value from their data at incredible scale, making everything extremely simple to deploy, maintain and manage.

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