Certificate of Excellence from the Italian Ministry of Defence

The Certificate of Excellence has been granted to A3Cube for the research on the Neural Network based Anti-Drones Interception System.

A3Cube Inc. is glad to announce that the European subsidiary based in Italy (A3Cube srl) has been appointed a very prestigious award by the Italian Ministry of Defence.

The Certificate of Excellence has been granted to A3Cube for the research on the Neural Network based Anti-Drones Interception System. The award has been certified by the Secretariat General of Defence & National Armaments Directorate of Italy.  

Certificato di Eccellenza

The first worldwide new generation of anti-drone system

The groundbreaking technology conceived by A3Cube opens a completely new scenarios in defense.

A3Cube realized the first worldwide new generation of anti-drone system, the most precise and the best performing solution never created before, making unique the value proposition.

By combining different sources with a sophisticated neural network and with a supercomputer computing power (11 Peta Operation per seconds), the A3Cube system can reach the higher precision and the higher resolution possible, compared with all the existing solutions in the market.   

The A3Cube system can detect and monitor any target: all types of aerial drones, civilian and military UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), helicopters, etc. in less than 1 second and in a range up to 20 km. The current systems can detect target up to 5 km and don’t feature such advanced predictive analysis capabilities.

The A3Cube system provides real-time precise data about detection, tracking and recognition of all types of targets and permits a monitoring at long distance without interference caused by environmental conditions.

The Evaluation Committee for the Italian National Military Research Plan assigned an excellent rating to the project, for the advanced innovation and for the technological impact, in view of potential capacitive growth in Defense.

Protection of public space has become a top priority of security.The A3Cube unique solution allows operators to focus on events that matter and to respond in real-time to both precursor activities and incidents, stopping them before they happen.

The capability to track and trace civilian or military UAVs helps to prevent terrorism and other critical risks, guaranteeing a higher level of public safety in any contexts, not only military, but also civilian, such as outdoor festivals, sport or music event, etc.  

A3Cube enables the next level technology improvement in the future of public space safety.


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