Network Anomaly Detection in Telecom

Crowd-sourced Data at Scale

Crowd-sourced data on mobile network quality can yield incredible insights and help detect network anomalies. Yet the volume of this data scales faster than most network analytics solutions can handle. It can take analysts days of meticulous searching to glean important insights from a dataset. At this scale, it’s impossible for these traditional solutions to visualize network anomalies without downsizing or pre-aggregating, meaning important insights are missed.

With DB-Turbo Version 5, the scale of crowd-sourced mobile network quality data is no longer an issue. DB-Turbo Version 5 handles billions of rows of records, with point-and-click SQL queries returned in milliseconds. DB-Turbo Version 5 is the accelerated analytics platform that offers data science analysts interactive open source crowdsourcing data analytics to explore network performance data at the speed of thought. This unlocks a wealth of new use cases inside and outside of telecommunication companies.

By harnessing the power of DB-Turbo Version 5, telco analysts can provide network anomaly detection and other network information from crowdsourced big data at scale in seconds. DB-Turbo Version 5 is already used to analyze telecommunications and other network quality data at volumes and speeds unmatched by any other analytics solution. Learn what else DB-Turbo Version 5 can do for the Telecommunication Industry.

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