Model LX & SX Edition

Model LX & SX Edition

Optimized for low latency data access and fastest computation

Model LX and SX Edition

Model LX Edition

Top Speed Data Application

2U 24-Bay NVMe Storage

PCI Express > NVMe

128 Cores/256 Threads

Model SX Edition

Affordable High Speed Data Application

2U 24-Bay SSD Storage

Full SSD

128 Cores/256 Threads

Single Dual Processor AMD EPYC based design Yes Yes
Large Memory Support  Yes Yes
Integrated Liquid Cooling Yes (SX Optional) No
Integrated Hardware Acceleration Yes  No
Hardware data compression  Yes No
File System Acceleration Support Yes No
Support For GPU databases Yes No
Multiple acceleration at the same time Yes No
Built in GUI management Yes No
Automatic disk replacement Yes No
Database Optimization Yes No
Low latency Scale Out support Yes No
Built in support for distributed database acceleration  Yes No

Model SX & LX are AMD EPYC Based. Why?

First to Market PCIe 4.0

AMD EPYC™ is the first and only current x86 server processor supporting up to 128 lanes of PCIe 4.06. PCIe 4.0 delivers 2x I/O performance over PCIe 3.0.

Performance Leadership

AMD EPYC servers are #1 on industry benchmarks, including measuring integer, floating-point, virtualization, database, and HPC performance.

AMD Infinity Architecture

The Infinity Architecture decouples two streams: 8 dies for the processor cores, and one I/O die that supports security and communication outside the processor.

Less Internal Vulnerabilities

With encrypted memory, attacks on the integrity of main memory (such as cold-boot attacks) are inhibited because any data obtained is encrypted.

7nm Silicon Process

AMD is first to market an x86 processor based on 7nm technology, thereby greatly improving performance while realizing exceptional power savings.

Advanced Security Features

AMD EPYC is the first server CPU with an integrated and dedicated security processor providing Secure Boot, Secure Memory Encryption and Secure Encrypted Virtualization.


We help to solve the most challenging computing, analytics, virtualization and data driven problems. Our ground-breaking approach to supercomputing can paving the next generation revolution.


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