Logistics Operations for Defense

Logistic for Defense

Logistics Data is Key to Operational Analysis & Readiness

Sun Tzu wrote that “Every battle is won before it's ever fought.” Logistics has always been one of the greatest determinants of military operational readiness. Equipment shortgages for a deployed combat unit can lead to operational failure. Meanwhile, excess equipment back home leads to rising inventory costs, unnecessary disposal, and a culture of fraud, waste, and abuse. As the Department of Defense modernizes its supply chain and logistics operations, the use of large datasets and big data integration in logistics is critical to tracking supply, forecasting demand, and ensuring prompt delivery.


DB-Turbo Version 5 gives Defense and Logistics leaders the ability to exploit and analyze global logistics operations data through rapid crossfiltering of large and disparate datasets. This provides tactical decision making to guide troops and supplies, optimize supply chain networks, assess infrastructure, predict maintenance needs, and meet strict timelines. These logistics analytics can be layered over geographic datasets, to support real-time big data analytics and interactive visualization for logistics operations.

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