Run your application at scale with no compromises


Run your application at scale with no compromises

The revolutionary Elastic Machine

Compute, storage, network and software rethought and re-architected.
A revolutionary approach to supercomputing.

A completely new design
to address today’s diversifying needs.

Multiple architecture

A3Cube hardware supports multiple processor architectures and accelerator options. Additionally, it is architected for forward compatibility with next-generation blades and servers.

Ultra low latency

Existing unmodified application can run more than 4 times faster without needs any tuning or code modification. This gives to A3Cube systems an absolute advantage against all the competitors.

Superior interconnect

High performing interconnect solution built on high radix switches which enable scaling to thousands of nodes with only three hops. This means best in class performance.

Symmetric scalability

Real scalability for the most demanding applications. Simply scales performance and capacity of the file system to the level that you need, seamlessly from small systems up to thousands of nodes.

A configurable eco-system

KIRA integrates many different disruptive technologies that span from performance optimized computing nodes to record braking interconnect technology, ultra low latency topology and integrated ultra efficient cooling systems designed to provide an optimal solution for tens to hundreds or even thousands of nodes.

Key features & benefits

  • Sub-microsecond latency
  • Near-zero jitter
  • Highly scalable
  • Predictable, deterministic system performance
  • Industry's highest message rates
  • Precision Time Stamping for accurate synchronization
  • NVMe™ /TCP storage ready
  • Constant network performance monitoring


We help to solve the most challenging computing, analytics, virtualization and data driven problems. Our ground-breaking approach to supercomputing can paving the next generation revolution.


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