Beyond High-Performance Computing


Beyond High-Performance Computing

Next generation supercomputing architecture

Today’s technology, AI, Big Data and Genomics questions are more complex and urgent than ever.
Answering them demands an entirely new approach to computing.

The new exascale scenario

Data growth, digital transformation, converging high-performance computing and Artificial Intelligence workloads are giving rise to new, increasingly complex questions. They’re transforming every industry and field of inquiry from large to small. 

Most complex Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and new High Performance Computing problems require and use the massive computing power. This in turn demands more intelligence in the system infrastructure that must support this never-ending need for increasing functionality and performance. 


Rethinking supercomputing

Addressing these new realities means completely rethinking supercomputing.

Today, answering questions requires fusing modeling and simulation workloads with analytics, AI, and Internet of Things to create one business-critical workflow. High Performance Computing (HPC) systems must be able to handle these massive, converged workloads and it has led to a supercomputing sea change.


New increasingly complex questions are rising.

Kira is the answer.

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