Housing and Urban Development Analysis


The Challenge of Disparate Urban Datasets

Major metropolitan areas face a housing shortage and affordability crisis. Paradoxically, there may be plenty of land to build on. Disparate city and county records and varied zoning and municipal housing laws forces developers to slowly and painstakingly dig through hundreds of millions of real estate records to find suitably-zoned land for development.


DB-Turbo Version 5 provides developers, builders, and third-party service providers a way to visualize housing and urban development data from multiple sources, all on a single platform. With accelerated analytics from the world’s fastest open source SQL-engine, now they can cross-filter massive housing and urban development datasets any way they need - zoning, subzoning, utilization or construction activity - without downsampling, pre-aggregating, or writing SQL queries. All with millisecond response times in a seamless analytics experience.


DB-Turbo Version 5 enables lightning fast data visualizations to quickly and easily make business decisions that are critical to housing and urban development. DB-Turbo Version 5 is already used by Federal and State governments, globally, for an array of use cases demanding interactive geospatial visualization on massive datasets. From Urban Development, to Logistics and Fleet Management, to Defense & Intelligence. Find out what else DB-Turbo Version 5 can do for the Public Sector.



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