Grifo Model Vector 10090s

Grifo Model Vector 10090s

Bringing accelerated computing at the next level

Grifo Model Vector 10090s

Bringing accelerated computing at the next level

The best on the market

to accelerate Artificial Intelligence (AI), High Performance Computing (HPC), Data Science and Graphics.

Focus on Grifo

It supports 90 NVidia V100s GPUs

The non blocking integrated IO network guarantees advanced functionality like direct communication CPU to GPU, GPU to any other GPU, and GPU to the integrated high speed storage with GPU to storage direct data access.

Making real what is impossible with any existing system.

GRIFO Model Vector 10090s massive compute system in numbers

Faster than a CPU System
Less Power Consumption than an equivalent CPU system
Less Expensive than an equivalent CPU system

Massive accelerator

GRIFO Model Vector 10090s integrates 90 NVIDIA V100s Tensor Core GPUs, and 2.8 Terabyte of GPU memory so you can work with the biggest training datasets.

Multiple balanced NVMe array

GRIFO Model Vector 10090s integrates 72 NVMe PCIe 4x enabling parallel data access at the speed of more than 200 Gyte/s sustained.

Ultra fast data exchange

GRIFO Model Vector 10090s delivers up to 100 TeraBytes GPU memory bandwidth.


Data scientists, researchers, and engineers can now spend less time optimizing code and more time designing the next real AI breakthrough using the standard programming model available on the market (zero learning curve!)

GRIFO 10090s vs NVidia HGX2

A simple example of the GRIFO power: TensorEX HGX-2 vs GRIFO Deep Learning Benchmarks.


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