A3Cube changes the way to extract value from your data, gaining breakthrough.

The financial services industry is experiencing a wave of innovation enabled by big and fast data at a time of unprecedented regulatory pressure, margin  compression and fraud and security-related challenges. 

This translates into the need to create both offensive and defensive business strategies enabled by  advanced technology: 

On the offensive side, big data can improve customer segmentation and service; fast data can also improve real-time risk analytics and high-frequency trading.

On the defensive side, streaming data can revolutionize the accuracy and responsiveness of firms to cybersecurity issues like anti-money laundering (AML),  fraud or trader surveillance, reducing false positives and improving reaction to new  attack methods.
The A3Cube's supercomputer platform can drastically improve anomaly detection to increase the quality of response to fraud while enabling steep improvements in compliance department productivity. 
The same technology can also be used to significantly improve quantitative model creation and back  testing, to ultimately increase confidence in trading strategy returns.
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