Not yet another server!


Not yet another server!

Turbocharge Data Access with in-line hardware based transparent compression

Unique keys of value

Compression Storage Processor

Accelerating Data Center Infrastructure

Consumable Computation Offload

Reducing Storage Costs

Database Acceleration

A3Cube turbocharged storage technology delivers the flexibility to accelerate a range of database applications by leveraging hardware-based computational offloads with unmatched scalability, performance and efficiency. 

DB-Turbo supports standard database as:

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (USA) demonstrates the superiority of A3Cube’s systems in analyzing big quantities of data in a flash!

Quotation from Don Mendonsa - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

The performance that we experienced was beyond expectations. It was 3x faster than what we experience with today systems.
With this system we would be able to re-analyze all historical data in one day.

A3Cube DB-Turbo Universal Storage Processor can offload the CPU by a factor of 70 for industry standard compression. This can save the customer cost, power and physical space when compared to a software-only solution.


What is DB-Turbo?

DB-Turbo server line represents a step forward in hardware-based database acceleration. With unique market-wide features, it represents the most innovative solution and best choice for any company of any size.

DB-Turbo, by providing simple, fast, consistent management from a single control plane, dramatically improves uptime, reduces tedious manual operations, and increases cost efficiency.

DB-Turbo delivers uncompromised performance, best price performance ration on the market, optimized storage both in capacity and speed, hardware data compression (delivering up to 5x the performance of any competitor at the same price), reliability with integrated unique data protection features, and last but not least A3Cube on-click™ management suite.

DB-Turbo leverages the cutting edge performance of the A3Cube-optimized servers in combination with a complete software orchestrator. This combination permits to make the system up and running in the most comfortable way possible, achieving in a few mouse clicks a level of performance that usually requires hours of in-depth tuning and very high expertise.

The unique combination of hardware and software enables to fully express the capability of your unmodified application and provides the best return on the investment available on a market product.

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Real-time Data Analytics


Hardware Accelerated File System

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Ready Composable Architecture

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Optimized Memory & I/O

System-wide parallel data access

From single node to a large scale-out implementation, the design of the hardware, in combination with the DB-Turbo unique software infrastructure, provides maximized parallel data access for the maximum data bandwidth and IOPS.

Ultra low latency design

The data-plane architecture, in combination with the low latency interconnect support at scale-out, permits to scale the performance of your application without any changes.


Widest application ecosystem

The X86 architecture guarantees the full compliance with any existing application and database providing a unique platform to scale the performance of any application available on the market without any code changes at application level.


Optimize your performance, data operations and costs, for enterprise-wide business impact.

Designed for simple management

DB-Turbo is designed to be the easiest enterprise level professional platform to manage, administrate, control and maintain.

The completely graphic and intuitive management interface, combined with a powerful set of features, allows everyone to install and configure a DB-Turbo system in minutes, does not care if it is a single node or a 1000 nodes scale-out cluster.

The management system allows you to configure any aspect of access to the Disks, including data replication, striping and volume configuration, including the usage of memory caching, in just a few mouse clicks.

DB-Turbo management

Revolutionary cooling system

DB-Turbo Version 5.0 revolutionary cooling system extremely decreases the electricity cost for cooling and completely releases the computing performance.

Given the critical research these systems are tasked to perform, these high-density clusters are expected to run at 100% utilization for sustained periods, making cooling performance critical.

DB-Turbo Direct Liquid Cooling (DLC) uses the exceptional thermal conductivity of liquid to provide dense, concentrated cooling to targeted areas.

The system is designed to be installed in traditional air-cooled data centers.

Reducing the power consumption of FAN
Reducing the power consumption of AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM
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