Covid-19 Solutions

Safety first

Groundbreaking technology to fight Covid-19

Safety first

Groundbreaking technology to fight Covid-19

A3Cube decided to put its proven expertise and knowledge in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to support nationwide effort to fight Covid-19.

Safety first. Choose the best.

In critical situations, such as the Covid-19 public health emergency, accuracy and strong efficacy can make the difference. Being able to contain the spread of the infection means not being overwhelmed by the emergency.

The most powerful and effective tools you have, the best equipped you are to fight this war.

AI Totem

AI Totem is a contactless body temperature monitoring and mask detection system, powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Fast, effective and high precision (accuracy ±0.28°C).

AI Totem effectively responds to high body temperature and sends immediate alerts to help you act early.

BioTherm AI

The next generation AI Thermal Scanner helps to make life safer.

BioTherm AI is a turn key solution for thermal body temperature monitoring, based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology.

Fast, safe and extremely effective.


UV Sanitizer is a highly effective bactericidal product, widely used in hospitals, factories, banks and other large areas of public places.

Creating strong UV-light, it can achieve  >99,99% disinfection and sterilization.



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BioTherm AI: Live Demo

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