Awards and Prizes

In few years, A3Cube has become one of the most innovative and promising companies in the business worldwide. Here below some of the most prestigious international awards.

2021 - JUNE

The 10 most inspiring women in business 2021

Antonella Rubicco awarded by Insights Success (USA)


The 10 most inspiring CEOs to watch in 2020

Antonella Rubicco awarded by Analytics Insight (USA)

2020 - JULY

Certification of Excellence

A3Cube awarded by Italian Ministry of Defense (ITALY)

2020 - JULY

100 Best Companies to Watch Out for 2020

A3Cube awarded by Exeleon Magazine (USA)

2020 - APRIL

Top 50 Artificial Intelligence CEOs of 2020

Emilio Billi awarded by Technology Innovators (USA)

2020 - APRIL

10 Most Inspiring Business Leaders 2020

Antonella Rubicco awarded by Exeleon Magazine (USA)

2020 - MARCH

The 10 Revolutionary Female CEOs to Watchout 2020

Antonella Rubicco awarded by CIO Views (USA)


Top Tech Companies with Disruptive Innovations 2019

A3Cube awarded by Insight Success (USA)


2019 - JUNE

Global Excellence Awards - Leaders in Holistic Data Mining Solutions

A3Cube awarded by Acquisition International Magazine (USA) 


30 Best Small Companies to Watch

A3Cube awarded by The Silicon Review (USA)



10 Best Companies of the Year 2018

A3Cube awarded by Industry Era (USA)

2018 - JULY

Top 10 Innovative AI Solution Providers 2018

A3Cube awarded by Enterprise Tech Success (USA) 


Rising U.S. Entrepreneurs of the Year 2017

Emilio Billi awarded by The Technology Headlines (USA)


TOP 10 Game-Changing Startups Year 2017

A3Cube awarded by The Technology Headlines (USA)

2016 - JANUARY

50 Startup who will change the world

A3Cube awarded by Business Insider (USA) 


Member of Dell's Founders 50 - The Cohort 2016

Antonella Rubicco selected to be included by Dell in the “Founder 50 Club”.

The Cohort 2016 includes A3Cube in Storage and Networking.

2015 - OCTOBER

2015 EMA Vendors to Watch: Storage Management

A3Cube awarded by EMA IT & Data management research (USA)

2015 - JUNE

9 Hot Startup to Watch  

A3Cube awarded by InfoStor- eWEEK Network (USA) 


2014 - MARCH

Top 25 SSD Companies

A3Cube awarded by Storage Search (USA) 

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