Analyze & Balance the Electrical Grid

Electrical Grid

Variable Supply Meets Variable Demand

The rapid transformation of our power sector from flexible, dirty power plants, to inflexible low carbon and renewable energy sources promises a healthier, cleaner future. Yet it presents a new challenge: balancing the power grid. Power supplied by sunshine and wind is continually in flux. Energy managers, utility network analysts, and data science analysts must wrangle big data from smart meters and sensors throughout the grid to predict supply and demand and shift energy resources to when and where they’re needed.


DB-Turbo Version 5 is the immersive, accelerated analytics platform for utility network analysts and data scientists to visualize all of their data, all at once. From distributed energy assets throughout the grid and home smart meters, to weather forecasts, demographics, pricing schedules and beyond. DB-Turbo Version 5 provides interactive visual analytics of massive, billion-row datasets, from disparate sources, all with millisecond results. DB-Turbo Version 5 allows analysts to make real-time, operational decisions to keep the grid efficiently and economically balanced.

Utility companies are installing smart meters and sensors at record levels, with DB-Turbo Version 5 the ability to conduct smart meter data analysis at scale is making this an even more viable business decision. DB-Turbo Version 5’s open source SQL-engine is already used by major utility companies for an array of use cases around power grid optimization, smart meters, power consumption, and sub-market pricing. Find out what else DB-Turbo Version 5 is doing in the Utilities Industry.

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