Alternative Data Analysis

Untapped Big Alternate Data Streams

Investment management firms seek alternative datasets, such as consumer transactions, logistics information, and employment trends, to improve trading strategies with an informational edge. This opens up new potential use cases that could allow investment management firms to analyze digital residue to value assets more accurately, on a near real-time basis, to visualize anomalies that may represent hidden portfolio risk, and to enhance investment analysis and capital market research. Yet the scale of these alternate data streams, often measured in billions of rows, has traditionally been too time-consuming or costly to examine.

DB-Turbo Version 5 helps investment management firms gain value from these alternative datasets by providing the speed to both process and visually render them. With DB-Turbo Version 5, data scientists, institutional investors and investment analysts can view average income, purchasing habits, or other characteristics at a national level, then seamlessly zoom down to a census block level, in order to create investment optimization models and optimize investment decisions and strategies.

DB-Turbo Version 5's accelerated analytics solution allows investment management research analysts to aggregate and analyze business and financial data to value net assets in real-time, assess portfolio risk, and analyze the investment market using traditional and alternative data sources.

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