AI Video Analysis

AI Video Analysis

The next level of real time augmented security

AI Video Analysis

The next level of real time augmented security

A3Cube combines servers features to create the most sophisticated but yet simple Surveillance System.

Body Thermal Scanner

A3Cube can create a massive multi-camera system that is able to measuring and monitoring the temperature of a human body even if the face is covered. The system is engineered to be able to recognize humans from animals and hot object eliminating false positive alarms.

The Thermal scanner is an unique tool to facilitate prevention of the COVID-19 disease spread by means of advanced fever screening and the next coming epidemics.

Thermal Based Building Anti-Intrusion and Surveillance System

Using the A3Cube anti intrusion system based on thermal cameras and AI algorithms, facilities can detect intruders from greater distances regardless of light and environmental factors. The value of A3Cube security system is that it generates images from heat, not light. This provides a clear visual in complete darkness and see through obscurants like smoke, dust and light fog. IN any conditions and any scenarios.

For this reason, A3Cube intrusion detection systems is one of the most effective 24/7 surveillance technologies on the market today. 

Advanced Fire Prevention/Detection

The quicker you know about the fire, the quicker you can fight the fire.

The earlier a fire is detected, the better the appropriate measures can be taken to guide people out of harm’s way and limit property damages. The value of the goods destroyed during a fire can be tremendous, and the cost of a life that is lost during a fire is impossible to calculate. 

The A3Cube early fire detection system is based on thermal imaging cameras which can help prevent fires by detecting hot spots before they ignite.

People Tracking and Tracing

Once an anomalous behavior is identified, the person can be tagged and the system automatically recognizes his posture and unique characteristics. From this time the system will trace the person even among multiple cameras showing his route, where the person entered, where the people stopped, and of course where the people is. This permits to efficiently isolate the person and prevent crime or social dangerous consequences.

Vehicle Tracking and Tracing

The system can identify and trace the vehicle even among multiple cameras showing its position and even its route. This permits to efficiently obtain important and critical information about the vehicle and eventually prevent crime or implement special services associate to the vehicle itself.

Identification 99% with a precision of 95% up to 640 Objects.

Face Recognition

Facial recognition is a biometric technology that uses distinguishable facial features to identify a person. 

Our unique system features:

Precision 98% | Speed (starting from) 320 images/s | Face Database more than 3 millions of images (full system).

A3Cube for Security

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