AI-Power Pack

The next generation of Batteries, much better than any other.

Best security

Best design flexibility

Best cooling/warming

Best long-run cost

Best life-cycle

Best packaging

Best performances

Groundbreaking technology

Futuristic technology: extreme power battery pack solution

A3Cube has conceived a new revolutionary Battery System thanks to a proprietary AI based technology that takes in consideration more than 1000 of parameters.

The innovative AI approach led A3Cube to project a new revolutionary Battery Pack optimizing the efficiency of the batteries and achieving a new level of performance. A3Cube approach delivers exceptional advantages compared to all the other technologies including an optimized cooling system for a longer battery life and efficiency.

Battery Management System main features:

  • Optimized battery usage through advanced Algorithms
  • Built-In anomaly-detection
  • Built-In failure prediction and predictive maintenance
  • Extremely high measurement accuracy and refresh rate
  • Ultra low power consumption to maximize the range 

Revolutionary BMS

  • The management system collects data from the battery array, including voltage, current and temperature and oversees its safe operations.
  • It measures critical battery parameters, sends alerts and has the ability to shut down the battery, its accuracy is paramount to the safety of the entire car.
  • The electronic control unit (ECU) includes the software controller that using artificial intelligence, monitors the battery’s operating conditions.

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