A3C Innovation Park

Where ideas come from.

People need the beauty of nature to create disruptive ideas

The Innovation Park is not only the European Headquarter of the Company, it represents the company value and vision. We believe that there can be no innovation and progress without environmental protection and that people need the beauty of nature to create disruptive solutions and ideas.

Being in the middle of nature, surrounded by the sound of water and the greenery of the park, is the perfect place to stimulate talent and creativity.


A unique area, where centuries-old trees surround a spring water lake.

A3Cube Innovation Park is the natural evolution and the last part of the A3Cube Founders' project.

When they started this adventure in 1996, they had two primary goals: 

  • to turn ordinary servers into extraordinary supercomputers
  • to create a hub for talented people

That's the real aim of the A3Cube Innovation Park.

A unique location

Our European Headquarter, located in the amazing Ticino Park in the North-West of Italy, is a true testimony of architecture.

Our offices use 100% renewable energy produced by the "Guido Orlandi" hydroelectric power plant, a historic building constructed in 1903 that over the years has been renovated while preserving its invaluable artistic heritage.

The rediscovered building, embellished with architectural details and precious decorations, is reflected in the waters of the Langosco Canal and the whole environment around "A3Cube Innovation Park" makes it an oasis of peace that helps and stimulates creativity and innovation.

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