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HPC Architecture for Supercharged Storage and beyond
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Architecting a Massively Parallel Data Processor Platform for Analytics

Presenting a new architectural approach to parallel storage and analytics oriented clusters that sets new industry standards in performance and latency. A3CUBE’s Massively Parallel Data Processor platform is a revolutionary advancement in storage merged computational architecture for multi-dimensional data management and analysis.Click here for the full whitepaper

Introducing the RONNIEE Express Fabric

Withing today's marketplace for high performance commodity servers, RONNIEE Express is positioned to be a carrier grade fabric, capable of extraordinary efficiency and preformance, and efficiently supporting socket based applications and Remote Direct Memory Access(RDMA). Click here for the full whitepaper

Acclerating Big Data Analytics with RONNIEE Express

A3Cube's architecture is designed specifically to support the creation of the next generation of clustered systems for Hadoop, NoSQL databases, Analytics software and other complex applications. Our technology provides highly resilient, linearly scalablesystems with extraordinary performance metrics. Click here for the full whitepaper

PCIe over Standard Optical Cable -  The RONNIEE Express Solution

Presenting A3Cube’s novel Network Interface Card (NIC), RONNIEE 2S, that can transmit four PCIe signals at 20Gb/s on standard Active Optical Cables (AOCs) with improved scalability and power efficiency over conventional solutions. The realization of connecting AOCs on a board that is usually equipped with passive copper cables presents a remarkable improvement in standard PCIe-based communication.

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