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RONNIEE Express Building Blocks


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RONNIEE 2S is a compact PCIe-based network interface card designed to maximize application performance using a unique combination of hardware and software. It combines superior performance and ultra-low latency of PCI Express Bus with standard computer hardware to obtain the most out of applications.

RONNIEE RIO is a modern, powerful and revolutionary data fabric designed to deliver unmatched performance. The technology presents a scalable interconnection fabric and is based on a patent pending shared memory architecture that implements the concept of distributed non-transparent bridging to extend PCIe features and benefits.

RONNIEE 3 is a revolutionary switch that is designed to extend the scalability of RONNIEE 2S and optimized for high performance data environments. A3CUBE’s powerful In Memory Network provides full support for memory-to-memory transactions without the usual software overhead to achieve unmatched efficiency and performance compared to ordinary interconnection fabrics available on the market today.

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