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What We Do
We are a team of technology and industry veterans. We invent, develop, and bring to the market a new architecture that we call  “Hardware accelerated Software Defined System (HSDS™)”.
Our radical new approach at the “ultra”- computing consolidates the compute tier, the storage tier and the communication tier into a single integrated balanced platform.
We also introduce a new plug and play converged computing platform that changes the economy of your data and computation strategy by removing every single bottleneck using a unique collaborative synergetic approach of hardware and software.
We give to our customers the capabilities to generate the maximum value from their data at incredible scale, making everything extremely simple to deploy, maintain and manage.

Our Mission & Vision
We’re engineers, scientist, inventors, architects and builders.
We build our vision looking to the tomorrow challenges not at the present one
We want to be always a step ahead.
We love solving industry challenges because every single challenge is a chance to invent better things.
We do not fight existing reality, but we create new models that make the existing one obsolete
We strongly believe in our ideas and in what we're doing
Most important: We love what we do
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