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System-Wide Parallel Data Access
The Extrememly High-Performance Parallel Filesystem
Infinitely Flexible, Incredibly Powerful, and Disruptively Advanced
How It Works?
It works as Parallel File System optimized for HPC, Big Data Analytics and aggregates all the storage resources of the entire cluster, realizing a global virtual pool of resources accessible by any node concurrently eliminating the bottlenecks and the limitation of external storages, and delivering maximum IO performance to any application
Pervasive Direct RDMA Processing
ANIMA PFS supports zero-copy data injection directly to or from application memory, and device to device eliminating any bottleneck in the communication between applications and storage devices
The ANIMA PFS pervasive RDMA communication requires no work to be done by CPUs and all the transfers are performed in parallel with other system operations.
“Infinite” Bandwidth Engine
Unique “Real-Time” Hardware-Assisted Acceleration
ANIMA PFS is the only distributed file system that integrates hardware co-processing support for its operations. ANIMA provides hardware GZIP inline data compression offloading across the entire cluster, with Intel QAT accelerator, parallel operations acceleration using CPU advanced SIMD instructions (sse2, ssse3, avx2, avx512f, avx512bw, neon, neonx2), hardware assisted data replication and intense network I/O operations offloads.
This unique feature makes ANIMA PFS the most advanced distributed parallel file system available on the market
Removes Bottlenecks
Associated with Data Access
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