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 Latency Matters
In the past, capacity and throughput were the major challenges when targeting data growth. Today, capacity and throughput are “commodities”, while latency has become the new performance metric.
A3Cube’s system approach breaks new grounds toward dramatically lower latency levels and therefore much greater latency performance.
Software Defined Network platforms cannot solve the latency problem, because software only solutions as well as converged and hyper-converged systems are not intrinsically efficient and introduce additional latency in inter-node communications.
In a world in which data growth is disruptive, the number of devices generating and transmitting data will continue to increase. Therefore, response time is critically important.
Higher levels of applications performance can be easily achieved with low latency platforms, on which new applications like machine learning and artificial intelligence can perform on much grander scales than ever before.
Latency is the most critical performance factor because it directly affects system data exchange time. In fact, latency means lost time; time that could have been spent more productively producing computational results, but it is instead spent waiting for I/O resources to become available.
Latency is the “application stealth tax”, silently extending the elapsed times of individual computational tasks and processes, which then take longer to execute. Once all such delays are accounted for, the overall system performance can drop significantly. This is why when building or buying a new system latency performance matters – and not just at the storage level, but across the system, through system inter nodes and software applications.
A3Cube’s Fortissimo™ Foundation utilizes hardware-based native memory mapping capabilities in combination with a sophisticated shared memory management architecture, which together provide a robust, cost effective, low latency, high bandwidth and extremely user friendly I/O access technology solution, with full support for direct memory and remote I/O mapping.

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