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Record Performance. Fastest Computation. Field Proven.

We’ve created the fastest computing, AI, and data analisys accelerator systems, based on the standard processors in the industry, combined with our astonishing architecture and patented technologies, and made them easy to use.
With A3Cube, blazing-fast training, ultra-low latency inference, and record-breaking time-to-solution enable you to achieve your most ambitious AI, Data Analytics, and computing goals using existing commercial software.
Our field-proven systems help organizations to save money and time to achieve their goals in any scenario.
We are the fastest,  easy to use, and most cost-effective solution in the market.

Workgroup Appliance for the Modern Days
High performance Military, Industrial Applications, and ...

We enable breakthroughs in Natural Language Understanding, drug discovery, genomics, technical computing, and virtual imaging applications.

We are in a new age where AI, combined with high-performance computing (HPC), is transforming our world. New challenges are emerging that demand enormous computing resources to solve. Many applications are designed to be single hosts, and even if they can benefit from 10s or even 100s of GPUs or Coprocessors, they are limited by the maximum number of 16 devices available in the high-end systems present in the market.
On the other hand, proprietary systems often require extremely-expensive software porting, which is not always possible to do.

Record Energy Efficiency

Up to 200 times less power consumption than
standard servers
Kilowatt rather than Megawatt @ the same computing power
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